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Homemade is Better. Trust Me.

Pasta and ice cream are so cheap nowadays that I think people overlook how simple they are to make.  Making either yourself when you have a couple of free hours on the weekend is SO WORTH IT.  The only problem is fighting the cravings for these high-carb, empty calorie treats!

Tip: Super fun activity for 2+ people!!!

Tagliatelle (Lidia Biastianich recipe), accidentally cut the wrong direction making really long noodles.  But who cares?  They’re heartier yet infinitely more delicate than dried pasta.  Top it with some slowwww braised pork and peas – OH MAMA.

Hubby and I have managed to resist making ice cream every day since he bought me the KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment for Christmas.  I am a sugar addict and just the thought of it in the freezer makes me salivate.  Hence we’ve only made two ice creams.  But alas warm weather will be on the horizon eventually!!!  I’m dying to make some hazelnut gelato and salted caramel ice cream.  I’m salivating now.  Disgusting.

We ate most of the vanilla bean ice cream before we thought to take a picture.  Yes, if you follow some homemade recipes the milkfat % is oh, just about 3 times that of the maximum 16% allowed by the commercial ice cream industry.  But is it worth it (and some post-piggy lactose intolerance)?  I think so.  We worship David Lebovitz and the beauty of the vanilla bean.

This picture is of the very lemony Meyer lemon ice cream.  If you don’t like lemon, don’t make this.  It was pleasingly tart but as with the beauty of Meyer lemons, doesn’t make you pucker.  Strawberries helped to cut the lemon lemoniness.

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