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Take That, Guts

Anyone get hit by the nasty stomach flu lately?  I did.  At the most inopportune time possible – when I had to bake and decorate 2 cakes.  Ahhh!!!!

Luckily I did the core decorations before I got ill, and hubby stepped in to help me with the baking to minimize contamination risks.

Here’s one of them – it was for a little cake decorating competition that I unfortunately placed last in.  We’re blaming the loss on size (everyone else had a multi-tier cake), and the fact that I was subsisting off gingerale and toast.  I had fun despite the obstacles and the bakery owner told me that I should consider decorating beyond hobby status (nice of her to say).  Plus they put my cake on display in the window!  :-D

I wanted to do a celebration of spring fruits and vegetables since we love eating locally.  I made carrots, strawberries, asparagus, morels, and snap peas.

Tip #1: Pink is not a good color for a basketweave.

Tip #2: Weigh your health against the importance of the event.  Or get a really wonderful spouse that will bake your cake for you so you can stay put in a chair and decorate.  Helps when it’s not being eaten and you can get away with a box cake and mostly shortening inside.

The other cake I made WAS for consumption – a bridal shower cake for my hubby’s close family friend.  Thanking my lucky stars that no one got ill from neither contagions nor rotten cake.  I think it was decently attractive also.  I got to sample a piece the next day and it was surprisingly scrumptious!!

This was round 2 of the Rose Levy Berenbaum’s All Occasion Yellow Cake recipe – remember I made it for my husband’s birthday cake?  Not sure if sickness helps, but this time it came out fantastic.  One difference I made was a simple syrup that I brushed liberally over each layer to maintain moisture (but didn’t really add sweetness).

The one complication was ruining the 2nd layer when we tried to take it out of the pan – let’s just say we now have plenty of trifle cake in the freezer now.  A quick run to the store and a million more eggs later and we were done.

Yellow cake filled with Nutella mousse (now my fave filling) and covered in chocolate ganache.  Calla lilies are made with gumpaste, dusted with yellow petal dust.  Fondant handkerchief has the bride and groom’s monogram, pearls have pink luster dust.

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