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A Day for Dads

When dreaming up what to make for our fathers at this year’s Father’s Day Dinner, I started thinking about those little thought bubbles you see in cartoons.

These would be our Moms’ thought bubble words: mild, roasted, grilled, steamed, white meat (i.e. chicken or fish), garlic free, low sodium

And these would be our Dads': fried, grilled, red meat (i.e. beef beef beef), spicy, peppery, salty, garlicky, FRIED

So on the one day a year the fathers actually get the say (well, according to my mom, such a day doesn’t exist), we dedicated the food to what our Dads dream about.

What Did We Cook?

We definitely enjoyed this meal European style – started around 12:30 and ended at 5. The slow pace really helped, since as usual we made too much food.

We recently found a primo fishmonger at one of the indoor farmers’ markets that bests the one near us. He gladly brought down some fresh calamari from the shop just for us. When he took it out, he asked, “So how are you guys going to cook it?” I said, “Ummm…fry it”, anticipating the noticeable cringe from the man who just sold us these beautiful babies. He goes, “Do me a favor. Grill some of them in lemon, basil, salt and pepper. For the fried ones, I like to soak them in buttermilk first, then dip in Wasa flour.”

We guiltily took the calamari home and thought it best to follow his wishes. Well, I couldn’t find the Wasa flour, but I think we did him (and the squid) justice:

The fried calamari was accompanied by a slightly spicy marinara that I made from plain tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, red pepper flakes, and fresh oregano and basil. The entire 2 pounds were consumed in about 3 minutes. Great props to the guys at Metropolitan Seafood (metroseafood.com)!

The main course was an array of fresh vegetables topped with a juicy ribeye steak. Veggies featured were peas (my first time ever using fresh peas), zephyr squash (half green and yellow on the same squash), kohlrabi (sliced thinly and hiding under the steak), and vidalia onions (not local yet, and of course fried). The plate was garnished with some local micro arugula pea leaves, which are AMAZINGLY delicious and beautiful.

Wish I had taken a picture of the ribeye. It was encrusted with a mix of peppercorns, coffee beans, rosemary, and parsley – all ground up in the coffee grinder Hubby never uses. Extra crust for Hubby’s Dad. The sauce was a balsamic reduction with black cherries, cherry preserves, red wine, and honey. Mmmmmmm I think it’s the sexiest sauce I’ve made to date.

Last but not least, we had dessert. Sorry guys, I didn’t make the ice cream this time around, but we did stick to local goods. Hubby grilled some super sweet pineapple skewers with just a touch of local honey. We tossed in some blueberries that we picked the day before for some added color. It was a perfect, simple ending.

I think we had people leaving with happy thought bubbles.

Happy Father’s Day!

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