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That Much Closer to 30….

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A few weeks ago my dearly beloved turned 28!  To celebrate, he insisted on cooking his own dinner for our parents and me.  I guess I’m rubbing off on him, huh?

As we got to the week of his birthday, he still hadn’t declared what he was cooking other than the star – None Such Farms prime rib.  If he had his way, that would have been the only thing served.  Despite how classy he is, he does have a caveman-like attraction to red meat.  He did a beautiful job – coffee and rosemary encrusted meat, using hazelnut coffee, with a side of roasted potatoes.  I was a little nervous but the hazelnut was actually a fine complement!  My MIL brought two of our favorites as sides, a salad with sugared almonds, mandarin oranges, and a citrus vinaigrette, and broccoli casserole with cheddar and Ritz crackers.

Though I was hesitant to relinquish main course control, I distracted myself by making his birthday cake.  I’ve pretty much banned commercial cookies in the house, except in times of stress (now is not the best time for us to be planning to take a beach vacation, but alas I will have to be content with being chunky in my bathing suit).  We actually managed to keep the pack of Oreos in the basement for 6 months before I unearthed it for his cake.

Although I failed in getting the Oreo flavor to come out by chopping my Oreos too small against the very dark cake, the components were still delicious and stayed fresh for 5 solid days.  This is a rich cake and half the size of the pictured slice is more than enough – which Hubby discovered after cutting himself that enormous piece.

Tip: Chocolate fixes everything. Oreo cream is not the prettiest topping for a cake.  Using a chocolate transfer sheet, I was able to keep the sides (relatively) clean.  Keeping the cake out for an hour at room temperature makes it easier to slice.

Tip: Oreos get soft. Yes, even the most factory-grown cookies can’t avoid the inevitable moisture in the fridge.  The Oreos will get soft but that wasn’t really a big deal.  If you want to keep your cookies crisp, put them on at the end.

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