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Polenta for Breakfast? Oh yes.

The first time I had grits for breakfast was as an intern in North Carolina. I remember being so excited and so disappointed in the bland, dry, tasteless rubber that was served.

Since then, I stuck to using this ingredient as a savory medium for lunch and dinner. Here in the North, grits are more commonly known as polenta and I find it creamier. I love Parmesan, rosemary, garlic, and chicken broth mixed in as a nice base for braised short ribs or bolognese – that’s a different post.

This morning after my early walk (shooting for 10000 steps a day!) I found us down to one egg in the fridge and lots of bread, so decided to be a little different for breakfast. Polenta is actually full of nutrients and complex carbs, so this recipe is pretty healthy.  It is also amazingly delicious and creamy.  It doesn’t hurt to have on hand the best polenta milled right across town by Castle Valley Mill who now sells at the Doylestown Farmers Market, and awesome newcomer Rocky Ridge Maple Syrup in Wellsboro who you can find at the Wrightstown Farmers Market and comes from a line of maple tappers!

Maple Polenta
Makes one serving

1/4 cup polenta
1 cup water
1 tsp maple syrup
Blueberries, peaches, or other fruits for topping

Bring polenta and water to a boil on high heat, whisking constantly. Add syrup. Lower heat to medium high and continue to whisk until creamy and soft, about 5 minutes. Whisk in more water, 1 tablespoon at a time, if polenta starts to look dry. Serve topped with fruit.

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